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Free tools to help you develop a keyword strategy

Keywords and search terms are two of the most important aspects of any online marketing strategy

When you first draw up your search term list you may have a number of similar terms to distinguish between. For instance you may want to market a social media course online and some of your search terms include 'Facebook courses' and 'Facebook training,' how do you find out which of these two search terms are the most used and therefore most likely to get found online?

Google Trends is a tool that will not only let you see how popular a search term has been over time, but it also allows you to compare the volume of traffic between two search terms.


So here you can see that more people are searching using the term 'Facebook training' rather than 'Facebook courses' which will affect the keywords you would use for people to find the related content. If you don't use the appropriate search terms, people will not find you online, so why not test some out and see what people are searching for.

Learn how to control your browsing experience and the adverts you see online

Have you ever noticed when browsing the web that certain adverts seem to follow you around?

This is because Google tracks and stores which adverts it has served to you previously via a cookie that it places on your computer.

But did you know it is possible to look and see what Google thinks you like?

All you need to do is be signed in to your Google account and visit Google Ad Preferences

From this screen can see what categories Google has added you to and which adverts it is likely to serve you.

There is also the option to opt out. This won't stop you seeing adverts, you will see exactly the same number of adverts as before, but they won’t be targeted to your likes.

We thought this an important but somewhat hidden feature within in Google and wanted to bring it to your attention, so that you can have more control over your browsing experience.

Reach Further at the Media Market Place

Media Market Place logo

Reach Further Managing Director Liz Cable is a keynote speaker at the Media Market Place in Leeds this Month. The event is the first of its kind - bringing together all of Yorkshire’s creative, digital and communications industries in one place.

Liz will be sharing the stage with other speakers on the day from Nokia, Orange and Microsoft partner Black Marble. She’ll show how Social Media can help your business to grow, with new customers, new services, and new income streams.

Liz will also explore the avenues of selling with social media, making the most of online networking, discussing marketing tools and highlighting how to improve online visibility.

The Media Market Place is being held at Elland Road Stadium on March 18th, where the banqueting suite will house the exhibition, conference and networking event.

The Media Market Place is designed to facilitate and build new business partnerships and alliances across Yorkshire’s creative, digital and communications industries and we are excited about attending and speaking.

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