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Reach Further partners TwentySix Digital

Full-service digital agency twentysix today announced the appointment of Liz Cable as its new head of social media. Liz will be working in partnership with twentysix to drive social media strategy forward for its clients. twentysix appoints Liz Cable head of social mediaLiz is a highly-respected face in the UK’s social media industry with over 15 years’ experience in the digital sector. She founded her company, Reach Further Ltd, to help organisations and brands learn how to make the most of online communities and social networks. Her award-winning work has been featured on BBC2 and in national newspapers and has even been mentioned in the Houses of Parliament. Her expertise in training companies to better understand social media will prove invaluable at twentysix, where she will advise clients and prospects on making the most of online networks at both the strategic and tactical level. Gail Dudleston, CEO of twentysix, notes: “Liz is highly regarded among social media commentators and experts alike. Her in-depth understanding of the sector will help our clients collaborate, lead and save both time and money with their social profiles.” Liz Cable adds: “I’m really looking forward to the opportunities that twentysix have presented. Social media is the hottest topic right now among UK and global organisations looking to build their online presence and there is a huge demand for clear, sensible advice. ”

15 Top Tips for creating LinkedIn Groups

You should think hard before setting up a group on LinkedIn. What will it be about? Who will you allow in? Who won't you allow in? What will we talk about? What will it be FOR?

Assuming you've got this covered, these are my top tips for success (in the order you should carry them out).

Six ways to say Thank You with Social Media

Who should you have thanked today?

A heart-felt “Thank You” means a great deal to the receiver. Even more so when you can make that Thank You a public mini-testimonial for the person you're appreciating. So here's six ways to say those two special words:

  1. Send an unsolicited testimonial on LinkedIn. This will be a permanent thank you that your colleague can display with pride on their profile. Remember to make it meaningful. Be specific in what they did for you, and the effect it had. Consider using the STAR format: Describe the Situation or Task, then the Action they took, then the Results this action delivered.

  2. Send a “Thank You” tweet through Twitter, and again, be specific about what they did, as this will help their followers understand how they can add value to their work. It will introduce them to your followers, too.

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